Mimosa $65
Bloody Mary $65
Juice (green, orange or carrot) $30
Americano $30
Cappuccino $ 50
Latte $40
Espresso $40
Tea or Milk $25
Chocolate $30
Chocomilk $25

Fruit Plate $55
Yougurt natural w /
seasonal red berries and granola $75
Cereal with Milk $45
Hot Cakes $65


Eggs to taste (ham, bacon or chorizo) $75
Vegetarian Omelette $75
Omelette with Cheese $75
Special Omelette
(Q. of goat and serrano ham) $115

Chilaquiles (red, green or combined) $75

Chilaquiles with Chicken or Egg $85

Quesadillas (3) $50

Mexican Egg Burritos (3) $85

Muffins $55

Mexican Beef Tips $95

Enmoladas with Chicken $75

Chicken Enchiladas $75



8:30am - 12:30pm

Adults $ 250.00 pesos - Children under 11 years old $ 180.00 pesos




Alcahofa and Parmesan Dip $95

Shrimp aguachile $160
Shrimp, cucumber, green sauce and lemon

Tuna Sashimi $180
Sashimi grade tuna and soybeans

Beef Carpaccio $185
Beef fillet slices, lemon, olive oil and balsamic

Smoked Salmon  $180
Salmon accompanied by egg, caper, parsley and onion

Fried Mixed $130
Squid, shrimp and vegetables with chipotle dressing

Mussels a la Marinera $180
Mussels sautéed with ragout and tomato

Mussels in White Wine $180
Mussels sauteed with white wine sauce

Seared Tuna Toasts $130
Seared tuna, chipotle dressing, avocado and pore

Meat and Cheese $230
Selection of cold meats and fine cheeses

Black Bean Cream $130
Cream of black bean and three cheeses served on loaf of bread

Clam Chowder $140
Clam chowder served on loaf of bread

Tortilla Soup $120

Andalusian Gazpacho $130

Spanish traditional cold soup

Soup of the Day $120


Cesar Salad $140
Romaine lettuce, dressing dressing and croutons

House Salad $140

Waldorf Salad $140
Apple, caramelized walnut, endives and white truffle dressing

Pear Salad $140
Organic lettuces, pear, Roquefort cheese with balsamic vinaigrette


Fetuccini al Limone $150
Fresh pasta with cream sauce and lemon

Limone Fetuccini with Shrimp $220
Fresh pasta with cream sauce and lemon with shrimp

Spaguetti Pomodoro $150
Fresh pasta with tomato and basil sauce

Spaghetti with Meatballs $190

Fresh Pasta with tomato sauce, basil and meatballs

Ravioli Stuffed with Cottage Cheese and Spinach $180
Fresh Pasta with tomato sauce, basil


Arrachera $290

Vacío $300


Rib Eye $315


New York $310


Shrimp Skewers $350


Beef Skewers $350


Sea and Land Skewers $350


Sealed Tuna in Poppy Seed Crust $350
Served with wasabi mustard and honey sauce

Crunchy Salmon with “Beurre Blanc” Sauce $310
Imported salmon with white sauce

Tricolor Shrimp $350
Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed shrimp

Coconut Shrimp with Mango Sauce $350
Coconut-Boiled Shrimp Served with Mashed Potatoes

Chac-lan shrimp $350
Shrimp with special hot sauce

Beef Steak with Sherry Sauce $350
Served with potato risotto


Beef Steak with Mustard Sauce $350
Served with potato risotto

Beef Steak with Pepper Sauce $350
Served with potato risotto

Grilled Pork Chop with Plum Sauce and Brandy $310
Grilled pork chop with vegetables

Fresh Herb Crusted Lamb Rack $570
Imported Lamb Rack with fresh herbs and mint jelly

Chicken Breast with Orange, Ginger and Honey sauce $280
Chicken breast with oriental sauce

Mole Chicken Leg and Thigh $270
Served with rice


Crème Brulée $120
Vanilla flavored soft cream

Corn Brulée $100
Corn cake with cajeta and wafers

Hot Chocolate Cake $120
Served with vanilla ice cream

Apple Strudel $120
Puff pastry stuffed with apple and vanilla ice cream


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