This health center is located in the enchanting elegance of nature, offering us a wide variety of treatments and rituals that help regenerate our body and revitalize our spirit. The therapeutic benefits of these massages, facials and body treatments fill us with harmony and well-being.


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10am to 6pm - $ 700.00 pesos

(Spa Day without Lodging only from Monday to Thursday)

Hot springs with high mineral content recommended for fatigue and relaxation


Only Saturdays and Sundays

$ 1,000.00 pesos (90min) per person (group)


Thermal water

2 to 5 people. Private (3hrs) - $ 3,200.00 pesos

(additional person $ 500)

Pre-Hispanic steam bath that purifies the body, mind and spirit with eucalyptus, rosemary and copal.


By appointment only


Monte Coxala (60min) - $1,200 MXN · (90min) - $ 1,750 MXN
Our combination of various massage techniques to achieve the maximum state of well-being and relaxation.

Deep Tissue (60min) - $ 1,550 MXN
Deep pressure working areas of tension to release stress.

Hot Stones (60min) - $ 1,400 MXN
Use of hot obsidians for the purpose of a physical-mental balance and deep relaxation with long and smooth glides.

Relaxing Swedish (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN

Massage that reduces physical tension and provides relief to tired muscles.

Holistic (60min) - $ 1,300MXN

Massage with slow and deep movements with the benefit of balancing body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology (30min) - $ 550 MXN - (60min) - $ 1,100 MXN

Acupressure technique applied to the feet to activate the body's healing powers. Release stress, activate circulation and revitalize energy.

Neck and Back (30min) - $ 700 MXN

Massage focused on areas of increased muscle tension.

Candle Massage (60min) - $ 1,800 MXN

It is one of the most hydrating massages since it is done with the hot wax of the candle, achieving a relaxing, nourishing effect, vitality for the skin and balances emotions.

Honey and Wrapping Massage (60min) - $ 1,300 MXN

Relaxing massage applied with honey to hydrate and nourish the skin, wrap for maximum effect.

Sports (60min) - $ 1,550 MXN

Massage Focused to relax and oxygenate tight joints and muscles with repairing movements and stretching.

Prenatal (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Body therapy focused on the special needs of the future mother's body, providing relief from tension and physical and mental fatigue.

Aromatouch Monte Coxala (90min) - $ 2,200 MXN

The Aroma Touch Technique is a therapy where essential oils are applied topically, to balance our body, mind and soul.

Auxiliary in Stress, Inflammation, Elimination of toxins, Immune System, Nervous Imbalances and Homeostasis

Rain Drop Therapy (60min) - $ 1,500 MXN
More than a massage, it is the application of concentrated oils from various plants on the spine. Reduces pain and inflammation and improves circulation. Soft and relaxing, its effect continues throughout the week.

Deep Tissue with Hot Stones (90min) - $ 2,300 MXN

Combination of techniques that help relieve muscle tension, oxygenates the skin with stretching and deep pressure at the muscular level that will help improve circulation, creating a state of well-being for the body.


Monte Coxala (60min) - $ 1,400 MXN
Rejuvenating treatment, reduces expression lines, detoxifies and firms the skin.

Citlalli (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Revitalizing, oxygenating, hydrating and relaxing treatment (without extraction).

Xochitl (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Deep cleaning with extraction that removes impurities from the face.


Champange Scrub (30min) - $ 550.00 pesos
It allows cell renewal, antioxidant, hydrating, firming, anti-stress.

Chocolate Scrub (30min) - $ 550.00 pesos
It allows cell renewal, nutritious, hydrating, relaxing and anti-depressant.

Black Pearl Scrub (30min) - $ 550.00 pesos

Volcanic thermal clay, relieves pain, heals wounds, restores and nourishes.


Black Pearl Mud (60min) - $ 1,600 MXN
Volcanic Thermal Clay, relieves pain, heals wounds, restores and nourishes.

Champange Mud (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Antioxidant, moisturizing, firming, anti-stress, allows cell renewal.

Teocalli Mud (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
In Aztec it means: "The House of God". Blue agave, chia, prickly pear and prickly pear, with relaxing and remineralizing action.

Angel Foam Mud (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Aphrodisiac, nutritious and hydrating.

Chocotherapy (60min) - $ 1,200 MXN
Nutritious, hydrating, activating and aphrodisiac.


Manicure - $ 550.00 pesos
Pedicure - $600.00 pesos
Nail polish change - $ 150.00 pesos


01 (387) 761 0111

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