We want to invoke you to navigate a collective practice, through learning of new distinctions related to the four elements and the Tarot. Its symbologies and application in different co-creation spaces for post-pandemic progression or evolution.

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Carlos Gutiérrez Moyers facilitates linking with his friends:

Patricia Ortega, Enrique Frías, Claudia Salas, Yanitza Marquez, Lorenza García and María Morfín.

  • See the Tarot as an optical language that encourages the querent's progression and evolution, towards the possibility of unveiling new worlds or spaces in relation to the other.

  • Integrate different views and perspectives, honoring the space of the sacred, where we come from, our roots and the different worldviews of the different worlds.

  • Understand that the world pandemic period has required us to evolve through different perspectives, linking ourselves in a systemic network with others and with our mother earth, generating offers that respond to the essential concerns of the other and, above all, generating a sense and courage in co-created worlds.

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Contact: Carlos Gutiérrez Moyers

Cel: 5514399860

Mail: carlosgtzm@hotmail.com